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Why Surfers Make Great Entrepreneurs (And Vice Versa) » UP Global

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Predicting The Next IPO Wave: The Era Of The Enterprise

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Wrike Launches Enterprise Platform For Project Management And A Data Driven Business World

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SaaS must read books & articles

Why Sales People shouldn’t Prospect – An interview with Aaron Ross

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Veel interne efficiency projecten, maar handmatig invoeren van orders blijft doodnormaal

Real-time inzicht in de productievoortgang is belangrijk om het productieproces tijdig te kunnen bijsturen. Dat lukt alleen als gegevens over het productieproces zo snel  mogelijk in het ERP-systeem beschikbaar zijn. In veel bedrijven is het invoeren van die gegevens echter nog altijd handwerk.

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Mobile, SaaS and big data will push global IT spend to $2.22tn in 2014

Worldwide IT spend will reach $2.22tn over 2014 led by the dominance of the US tech market, while the UK looks set to be pulling clear of the recession for IT spending, according to data from Forrester.

The biggest area of spending will be on software, at $568bn, while IT outsourcing will be $442bn. IT consulting will account for $421bn and computer equipment spending at $416bn. Communications equipment will account for $373bn.

Forrester said the US would be the dominant force for spending on IT services, rising six percent over the year and accounting for $877.2bn in spend. The biggest rise will be seen in China, with growth of 10.5 percent to $124.5bn.

Europe is also set to grow as the impact of the recession looks set to finally recede,according to report author and analyst Andrew Bartels, writing in a blog post.

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